Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Analysis of MoA with SMA sitting on their chest and beating them everytime

Short RL economy: I found a little video that describes the future of Greece pretty accurately.

Yes, I know. I must let that line go. But I just can't stop smiling every time I think of it. Anyway this is the performance of the pilots of MoA against the Evil Imperium. Kills and losses are de-inflated, so if a pilot got 10% damage on a 300M AFK Ishtar, he gets 30M booked. Only damage done to and losses from the Evil Imperium are listed. The table below lists the top pilots, sorted by damage done
# Pilot Name M to Imp M by Imp Ratio Top kills Top losses
1 Earendix 12600 3333 79% 866M, 703M, 441M, 392M, 316M, 356M, 168M, 159M, 115M, 114M,
2 El comepiedras Jastaspista 11251 2946 79% 774M, 614M, 371M, 240M, 237M, 370M, 346M, 135M, 115M, 107M,
3 fihs shark 8077 1841 81% 393M, 374M, 224M, 222M, 144M, 185M, 85M, 79M, 78M, 75M,
4 Seven Frost 7956 853 90% 707M, 513M, 402M, 348M, 231M, 163M, 92M, 92M, 72M, 65M,
5 Erebus SilentKill 5075 423 92% 587M, 493M, 223M, 158M, 155M, 59M, 56M, 50M, 48M, 33M,
6 Titox Sasen 3845 1637 70% 292M, 153M, 129M, 109M, 108M, 328M, 190M, 172M, 135M, 116M,
7 h4x0r84 2626 309 89% 944M, 252M, 246M, 54M, 48M, 196M, 35M, 30M,
8 Akballah Kassan 2485 114 96% 513M, 485M, 130M, 127M, 78M, 50M, 25M, 10M, 10M,
9 TrotaconventoX 2328 784 75% 240M, 128M, 72M, 70M, 70M, 91M, 88M, 83M, 47M, 44M,
10 Zockhandra 2126 0 100% 891M, 624M, 412M, 80M, 48M,
11 forgottenone Udan 1786 505 78% 142M, 111M, 77M, 76M, 75M, 73M, 43M, 31M, 30M, 30M,
12 Jang Ezhdeha 1777 684 72% 284M, 106M, 91M, 80M, 63M, 88M, 82M, 79M, 58M, 58M,
13 Raszagal Khalai 1716 948 64% 179M, 159M, 146M, 95M, 82M, 214M, 152M, 89M, 86M, 84M,
14 Zieg Olexia 1671 248 87% 295M, 126M, 109M, 60M, 57M, 100M, 54M, 27M, 26M, 25M,
15 Ixtisy 1602 10 99% 578M, 139M, 94M, 68M, 55M,
16 Furiae Kaisang 1574 639 71% 291M, 218M, 118M, 101M, 96M, 184M, 97M, 90M, 64M, 55M,
17 JAY WRIGHT 1462 0 100% 964M, 85M, 72M, 62M, 56M,
18 Rodritor 1391 67 95% 169M, 132M, 95M, 86M, 79M, 21M, 19M, 19M,
19 Perkutor Jakuard 1373 354 79% 392M, 112M, 65M, 61M, 55M, 55M, 49M, 49M, 31M, 29M,
20 Veronica Nalelmir 1298 1095 54% 262M, 227M, 170M, 95M, 64M, 351M, 162M, 158M, 93M, 84M,
21 xBRANEx 1297 474 73% 303M, 179M, 135M, 55M, 54M, 129M, 69M, 64M, 54M, 46M,
22 EnigmaX XamginE 1253 1404 47% 512M, 256M, 64M, 56M, 32M, 520M, 91M, 38M, 37M, 37M,
23 Kauker 1241 350 78% 497M, 271M, 110M, 90M, 75M, 332M, 18M,
24 Cognac 1158 357 76% 543M, 146M, 72M, 43M, 32M, 215M, 104M, 39M,
25 Predator 666 1136 2529 31% 612M, 175M, 139M, 117M, 30M, 995M, 635M, 452M, 242M, 205M,
26 Justykek 1108 24 98% 600M, 106M, 65M, 42M, 29M, 14M,
27 Castiel Visage 1095 862 56% 397M, 181M, 164M, 79M, 64M, 487M, 98M, 92M, 86M, 58M,
28 Selena Nolen 1076 1399 43% 510M, 179M, 45M, 39M, 29M, 1124M, 186M, 55M, 17M, 17M,
29 sashamoreeeeeeeeeee 1049 89 92% 94M, 85M, 79M, 56M, 53M, 30M, 21M,
30 KGB4life 1007 280 78% 209M, 197M, 156M, 58M, 54M, 146M, 54M, 42M, 37M,
31 Fallen Berkser 1000 115 90% 410M, 79M, 49M, 49M, 47M, 59M, 45M, 10M,
32 Whisperen 987 546 64% 163M, 161M, 133M, 111M, 65M, 135M, 111M, 102M, 94M, 64M,
33 Dean Wong 967 0 100% 513M, 117M, 115M, 33M, 28M,
34 YoJiG 950 0 100% 586M, 58M, 50M, 43M, 37M,
35 Sonja SherezadeX 937 385 71% 187M, 88M, 62M, 43M, 37M, 41M, 37M, 36M, 34M, 32M,
36 Sara Curtis 935 184 84% 354M, 316M, 95M, 88M, 81M, 95M, 90M,
37 Barknor 928 62 94% 164M, 73M, 64M, 59M, 45M, 50M, 11M,
38 Mark Jervelund 915 227 80% 223M, 182M, 133M, 74M, 46M, 62M, 37M, 36M, 36M, 33M,
39 Khamul Corleone 906 0 100% 766M, 140M,
40 Gen Eve 897 59 94% 122M, 112M, 78M, 51M, 42M, 30M, 29M,
41 Dave911 863 298 74% 104M, 81M, 59M, 41M, 41M, 225M, 39M, 25M,
42 Baahl Shylok 845 94 90% 142M, 134M, 108M, 73M, 57M, 48M, 37M,
43 MASSADEATH 828 65 93% 192M, 112M, 79M, 65M, 61M, 27M, 26M, 12M,
44 Heno 771 242 76% 105M, 52M, 51M, 49M, 49M, 169M, 31M, 16M, 15M, 11M,
45 crlstal 731 579 56% 109M, 71M, 66M, 38M, 35M, 235M, 192M, 68M, 36M, 27M,
46 Alfheri 727 84 90% 492M, 65M, 49M, 21M, 20M, 84M,
47 VTyx Soul 705 204 78% 113M, 85M, 66M, 50M, 36M, 204M,
48 Nevil Kincade 701 475 60% 99M, 87M, 59M, 37M, 33M, 221M, 154M, 51M, 29M,
49 Pancho 1942 666 0 100% 173M, 95M, 83M, 49M, 33M,
50 Ironlegioneri 642 852 43% 122M, 88M, 49M, 35M, 34M, 284M, 99M, 94M, 92M, 74M,
51 Fresco Aideron 640 728 47% 104M, 57M, 30M, 30M, 29M, 401M, 165M, 51M, 51M, 29M,
52 Sir Rexor 637 168 79% 141M, 76M, 72M, 44M, 35M, 73M, 48M, 47M,
53 Athalwolf 628 77 89% 378M, 118M, 31M, 25M, 21M, 49M, 29M,
54 Rogueweapon 624 152 80% 125M, 96M, 53M, 34M, 32M, 49M, 49M, 37M, 17M,
55 Jerhboa 622 64 91% 60M, 58M, 53M, 38M, 31M, 17M, 10M,
56 Neok1337 596 636 48% 54M, 41M, 39M, 37M, 35M, 371M, 97M, 65M, 56M, 47M,
57 Pirjo Perasuoli Pukama-Rauha 586 267 69% 82M, 68M, 59M, 55M, 37M, 86M, 84M, 81M, 17M,
58 MDuff 565 112 84% 114M, 91M, 74M, 40M, 36M, 41M, 26M, 24M, 20M,
59 Chronoes Thellere 553 0 100% 355M, 121M, 24M, 13M,
60 Gungankllr 549 112 83% 85M, 83M, 64M, 59M, 48M, 36M, 33M, 17M, 13M, 12M,
61 Likusia 548 0 100% 412M, 76M, 39M, 20M,
62 ZliDust 544 566 49% 128M, 78M, 51M, 27M, 26M, 83M, 76M, 76M, 75M, 75M,
63 Kayi Brixius 543 0 100% 150M, 137M, 42M, 37M, 33M,
64 Wanna Killyou 515 26 95% 106M, 61M, 59M, 41M, 35M, 17M,
65 Zahn Sikozu 510 51 91% 73M, 62M, 55M, 48M, 27M, 31M,
66 Zarek RedHill 506 163 76% 84M, 39M, 38M, 23M, 22M, 26M, 26M, 26M, 26M, 25M,
67 stunkerd II 496 41 92% 134M, 69M, 55M, 38M, 34M, 22M, 14M,
68 Torch Toomb 492 481 51% 116M, 53M, 37M, 31M, 26M, 305M, 56M, 49M, 28M, 18M,
69 Samael Curtis 491 253 66% 99M, 70M, 46M, 41M, 40M, 58M, 36M, 20M, 19M, 19M,
70 kasbah 466 4 99% 81M, 73M, 41M, 35M, 23M,
71 Les Bains 461 254 64% 94M, 79M, 75M, 24M, 16M, 152M, 54M, 49M,
72 Lupus Aurelius 457 0 100% 71M, 56M, 43M, 35M, 22M,
73 Baaad Seed 444 93 83% 51M, 50M, 32M, 27M, 21M, 65M, 12M,
74 Death Trapp 438 109 80% 54M, 54M, 27M, 27M, 26M, 60M, 28M, 21M,
75 159Pinky 437 240 65% 73M, 66M, 52M, 34M, 24M, 83M, 53M, 53M, 51M,
76 LifeGoneWrong 428 37 92% 108M, 42M, 33M, 21M, 19M, 13M,
77 Undertovv 427 0 100% 137M, 65M, 53M, 41M, 38M,
78 Cadius Vect 424 117 78% 51M, 31M, 25M, 24M, 20M, 38M, 31M, 30M, 18M,
79 Zaryte 422 0 100% 108M, 47M, 42M, 31M, 26M,
80 Icycle 403 178 69% 105M, 62M, 33M, 24M, 18M, 74M, 31M, 28M, 25M,
81 Gud 375 25 94% 53M, 35M, 29M, 27M, 21M, 16M,
82 Impness 363 194 65% 72M, 57M, 56M, 31M, 25M, 91M, 62M, 35M,
83 So Laki 361 399 48% 244M, 94M, 13M, 133M, 129M, 55M, 31M, 21M,
84 DuCkie101 358 0 100% 77M, 73M, 41M, 25M, 23M,
85 Erik Rot 357 184 66% 114M, 66M, 30M, 26M, 55M, 53M, 33M, 32M, 11M,
86 Caer Dallben 351 10 97% 78M, 30M, 25M, 23M, 23M, 10M,
87 xXCojakXx 350 11 97% 245M, 17M, 15M, 11M,
88 Jifa Zateki 344 258 57% 68M, 31M, 26M, 23M, 23M, 92M, 76M, 33M, 31M, 26M,
89 Thorn Eden 322 9 97% 109M, 65M, 48M, 24M,
90 DeCypherSphere 320 65 83% 220M, 65M, 11M, 65M,
91 Ransu Asanari 320 108 75% 42M, 40M, 37M, 30M, 21M, 86M, 16M,
92 Kukaraxa 317 298 52% 88M, 26M, 24M, 19M, 17M, 50M, 47M, 46M, 35M, 29M,
93 Striker ksv 317 291 52% 46M, 41M, 36M, 33M, 32M, 125M, 76M, 35M, 29M, 11M,
94 Jon Eriker 301 0 100% 83M, 67M, 29M, 27M, 27M,
95 Renwall Stoneheart 297 0 100% 49M, 37M, 36M, 28M, 23M,
96 Grape Juice 297 78 79% 43M, 36M, 23M, 22M, 21M, 35M, 30M, 14M,
97 Eklest 287 0 100% 96M, 25M, 19M, 18M, 18M,
98 Tygg Essex 270 219 55% 104M, 79M, 25M, 11M, 40M, 31M, 28M, 27M, 23M,
99 Tempest Dian 268 150 64% 60M, 28M, 26M, 25M, 17M, 110M, 11M, 11M,
100 Fodote 264 784 25% 126M, 94M, 18M, 15M, 502M, 194M, 89M,
101 Everyone else 11221 14180 44%
102 Total 135454 51219 73%

This is the summary of corps against the Imperium:
Rank Corp B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
1 Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo 62 23 73
2 MASS A DEATH 17 6 74
3 Dissident Aggressors 18 5 78
4 PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO 4 6 42
5 20th Legion 6 2 76
6 Mosquito Squadron 5 1 79
7 Zeura Brotherhood 5 1 83
- Sum of small ones 17 7 72
- Total 135 51 73

This is the summary against alliances of the Evil Imperium, over 5B kills:
Evil Alliance B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 71 23 76
Goonswarm Federation 42 20 68
Circle-Of-Two 6 3 65
Tactical Narcotics Team 5 1 80

Yes, you see it right, SMA had 24% ISK ratio during a "successful campaign". I'd ask the rhetorical question what do they do when they aren't successful, but life recently answered it.

Finally the focus on the Evil: 60% of the losses were from the Evil Imperium, so MoA wasn't too distracted to explain the drop of kills. But if you are a hoping minion of Evil, I have to tell that I've already found an alliance to support to supplement the numbers, because blood must flow!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How could the Greeks keep the Euro while not getting a dime from the EU

Sorry to interrupt the posts of EVE statistics, but I must share this idea with you! The Greeks recently voted with 2/3 majority that they refuse the offers of the EU/IMF/ECB. "This is Sparta!!!" - I guess. Unless the loaners are completely stupid, they won't give a dime to the Greeks. Greece won't be able to get Euros without loans and must leave the Euro-zone. This means a complete economic upheaval as all contracts and accounts must be rewritten in the new currency and paper bills and coins must be printed (which won't be easy as they scrapped the old ones).

However I have an idea how could they keep the Euro without loans. The individual Greek wasn't in debt, the country was. So he doesn't need the loans of the troika. I have Euros myself, despite Hungary isn't in the Euro-zone. You can get Euros right now if you walk to the nearest money exchange. It's the government who can't get enough Euros. Note: banks are only in trouble because people are running them and this would stop if a solution is accepted.

The solution is that the Greek government leaves the Euro-zone, not the people who are already solvent. What do I mean? All the private trade remains in Euros, like nothing happened, because nothing happened for them. Why should Jorgos Somebody in the private sector care about the government bankruptcy? He creates products and services that are sold on the European market, for Euros.

The idea is that the re-introduced Drachma is used only between the banks and the government as "computer money" without actual coins. The government pays all the pensions, welfare, the salaries of the government workers and everything else it needs in Drachma and also asks for all the taxes, fees and privatization costs in Drachma. The banks automatically convert the incoming and outgoing Drachmas to Euros using the market price, so the people get and pay Euros. If the government earns more than it spends, than the Drachma demand increases, along its price. If they spend too much, then the banks have to convert more Drachmas to Euros than opposite, decreasing its price. The point is that it doesn't matter how much they earn and spend, the government is always at balance in Euros.

Obviously this is not without effects on the society. The pensions, welfare and government worker salaries would be fixed in Drachma, so in Euros (which they actually get and use) it would change month-to-month according to the currency rate. If Drachma price would decrease, it would immediately mean restrictions in the inactive and governmental sector (less pensions, less welfare, less salary). It doesn't take a seer to tell that Drachma will indeed fall, so the net effect would be the same as it would be after accepting the troika offer. Who would have guessed that 1 + 1 = 2?

However the private sector wouldn't be affected, as they earn their salaries in Euros due to selling products for Euros. As taxes are % of total, they would pay always the same tax in Euros, however it would mean more Drachma income for the government in case of lower Drachma prices. So the productive Greeks would be safe from the consequences of too many Greeks being unproductive and motivate the latter to become the former. The government could no longer cheat with the papers, as the currency exchange market would do the booking. This scheme could later be used by other countries that doesn't have a financially stable government: the government and its sector stays in their currency, while the private sector can be converted to Euro-usage.

Finally and most importantly: the government could go default on its loans without any effect on anybody but the loaners and its own ability to get further loans (which is already crap).

Monday, July 6, 2015

SMA completed a successful campaign in June

Sorry, but that line on the propaganda site of the Evil will never get old. Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Imperium of Evil (formerly CFC). As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 65885 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 317
Executive Outcomes 52
Fidelas Constans 479
Get Off My Lawn 109
Goonswarm Federation 726
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 76
RAZOR Alliance 116
RvB - BLUE Republic 67
RvB - RED Federation 65
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 376
Tactical Narcotics Team 117
The Initiative. 83
The Bastion 208
Small ones 18
Total CFC losses 2808

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 588
2..3 603
4..5 433
6..10 513
11..30 438
31+ 232

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 51734 354
40M-125M 6331 457
125M-250M 2535 488
250M-400M 1454 448
400M-1500M+ 935 627
1500M+ 162 433

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Branch 316
Tribute 274
Deklein 263
Fade 239
Vale of the Silent 207
Pure Blind 140
HighThe Citadel 131
Venal 126
Cloud Ring 104
Tenal 83
Fountain 81
Geminate 81
HighDomain 78
Querious 65
HighThe Forge 64
Providence 57
Sum of small ones 498
Total 2808

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Mordus Angels with 135B ISK damage: 766M, 711M, 647M, 1077M, 507M, 577M, 526M, 1054M, 513M, 704M, 1541M, 1021M, 705M, 538M, 508M, 941M, 1085M, 624M, 891M, 774M, 944M, 614M, 707M, 576M, 513M, 1477M, 612M, 751M, 587M, 606M, 644M, 513M, 866M, 619M, 611M, 1715M,
  2. Project.Mayhem. with 116B ISK damage: 573M, 749M, 806M, 1354M, 525M, 980M, 551M, 4070M, 676M, 897M, 727M, 2312M, 1206M, 629M, 2158M, 569M, 855M, 589M, 828M, 1440M, 2251M, 2358M, 6976M, 785M, 653M, 532M,
  3. WAFFLES. with 98B ISK damage: 680M, 896M, 636M, 512M, 1345M, 540M, 1187M, 621M, 867M, 1643M, 550M, 542M, 687M, 1488M, 1168M, 1028M, 772M, 754M, 602M, 806M, 2200M, 737M, 953M, 893M, 512M, 562M, 1251M, 581M, 1153M,
  4. Out of Sight. with 97B ISK damage: 928M, 880M, 960M, 1001M, 746M, 690M, 571M, 1278M, 1320M, 556M, 577M, 1029M, 508M, 521M, 1141M, 1451M, 940M, 805M, 912M, 1037M, 529M,
  5. Pandemic Legion with 85B ISK damage: 583M, 2245M, 608M, 554M, 2007M, 614M, 706M, 607M, 1394M, 1690M, 630M, 1496M, 893M, 2288M, 2292M, 1928M, 2233M, 1499M, 18B, 2427M, 627M, 745M, 1474M, 1300M, 683M,
  6. Verge of Collapse with 75B ISK damage: 541M, 683M, 619M, 865M, 1299M, 975M, 883M, 598M, 585M, 1448M, 4438M, 591M, 557M, 954M, 558M, 521M, 920M, 1211M, 950M, 790M, 593M, 605M, 501M, 1210M, 613M,
  7. Hard Knocks Citizens with 70B ISK damage: 1658M, 652M, 626M, 722M, 3445M, 540M, 666M, 3656M, 847M, 2378M, 3286M, 902M, 615M, 1552M, 2017M, 1355M, 959M, 523M, 1590M, 829M, 1009M, 3576M, 779M, 546M, 1190M, 1200M, 579M, 664M, 1053M, 1139M, 727M,
  8. Pandemic Horde with 65B ISK damage: 1234M, 530M, 990M, 514M, 609M, 886M, 2088M, 581M, 1521M, 813M, 1436M, 952M, 1020M, 839M, 728M, 1539M, 505M, 532M, 774M, 1774M, 1621M, 635M, 2085M, 1006M, 1390M,
  9. SOLAR FLEET with 52B ISK damage: 1983M, 1174M, 517M, 610M, 816M, 546M, 1333M, 1306M, 560M, 508M, 1119M, 536M, 1356M, 747M, 513M, 727M, 660M, 1688M, 1147M,
  10. RvB - RED Federation with 52B ISK damage: 1806M, 1676M, 587M, 787M, 570M, 764M, 753M, 1720M, 897M,
  11. The Gorgon Empire with 51B ISK damage: 717M, 919M, 638M, 1225M, 730M, 1428M, 661M, 631M, 1163M, 1963M, 2319M, 611M, 937M, 585M, 702M, 555M,
  12. Test Alliance Please Ignore with 45B ISK damage: 818M, 626M, 535M, 513M, 750M, 1989M, 568M, 683M, 600M, 772M, 646M, 1139M, 785M, 2388M, 977M, 749M, 1502M,
  13. Northern Coalition. with 39B ISK damage: 1802M, 505M, 966M, 531M, 762M, 718M,
  14. DARKNESS. with 38B ISK damage: 1111M, 798M, 2358M, 1248M, 836M, 588M, 791M, 1207M,
  15. Jita Holding Inc. with 37B ISK damage: 703M, 642M, 2368M, 1067M, 1777M, 1943M, 2345M, 1422M, 739M, 740M, 729M, 870M,
  16. Drama Sutra with 37B ISK damage: 643M, 592M, 669M, 1056M, 519M, 1026M, 2038M, 1000M, 4229M, 510M, 606M, 507M, 582M, 611M,
  17. RvB - BLUE Republic with 37B ISK damage: 609M, 813M,
  18. Infinity Space. with 37B ISK damage: 2029M, 3852M, 580M, 11B, 1099M, 2039M, 870M, 3077M,
  19. Brave Collective with 35B ISK damage: 1344M, 562M, 811M, 767M,
  20. Black Legion. with 33B ISK damage: 509M, 938M, 1351M, 1288M, 699M, 655M,
  21. Goonswarm Federation with 31B ISK damage: 2690M, 2826M, 580M, 569M, 1221M, 2075M, 1967M,
  22. Gentlemen's.Club with 29B ISK damage: 760M, 2430M, 3506M, 625M, 583M, 552M, 507M, 1289M, 598M, 1612M,
  23. Lethal Intent. with 28B ISK damage: 578M, 2376M, 2145M, 1128M, 877M, 2104M, 1942M, 2020M, 1141M, 763M, 1399M,
  24. Legion of xXDEATHXx with 28B ISK damage: 1378M, 617M, 704M, 896M, 1094M, 586M, 539M, 1363M,
  25. Triumvirate. with 28B ISK damage: 689M, 1479M, 521M, 545M, 588M, 591M,
  26. The Marmite Collective with 27B ISK damage: 1205M, 8410M, 608M, 2040M, 611M, 897M, 517M, 1122M, 1135M, 1058M,
  27. Ixtab. with 25B ISK damage: 785M, 860M, 2850M, 661M, 2567M, 729M,
  28. Enigma Project with 21B ISK damage: 511M, 591M, 978M, 543M, 792M, 1393M, 679M,
Ouch! The overall kill number is low and MoA paid the price of the Cloud Ring deployment. While I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth was broken and evicted, MoA killed half as much minions of Evil as last month. They are still #1 killers of the minions of Evil, but I'm not as happy as I was with their record in May, so they won't be the sole recipients of my 12B/week (approx 52B/month).

On the positive side, RvB performance keep sinking. Soon they'll be done and gone, showing that betraying your core idea to serve the Evil isn't worth it. Also, it's good to see PL and Waffles on the GSF kill list. Maybe they will do something more interesting than ganking BRAVE, which is the main activity of Black Legion now.