Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bad Karma

When I was in TEST, I saw the problems that everyone else: TEST had lot of line members but lacked FCs, leaders and specialists. I also saw that many "elite" alliances have lot of FCs, leaders and specialists and few line members. For me, the solution was obvious: merge the willing ones into a big "TEST-corp" and offer this corp to a friendly alliance.

My idea wasn't well received. "We are independent", "we have our own culture", "we won't be Nulli/PL/NC. pets" and so on, and so on. The result is well-known: the remaining little talent was poached by PL, the headless line members were unable to defend Fountain, despite having the numbers.

History repeated itself with BRAVE. Their members are high even compared to old TEST, their newbieness is even more dominant part of their identity, and their competence is even worse. Since they left NPC null, they serve as nothing but "content" for PL and NC. Their ratting numbers (economy) are horrible and they failed to establish any kind of goal or direction that would keep anyone with brains in the organization. BRAVE is a good place for newbies and "let's have fun" kids, but such creatures don't fare well in nullsec.

They didn't realize that while BRAVE would be an awesome corp for an alliance, bringing numbers, it cannot function as an alliance. Goons realized it and started collecting BRAVE-members into their slave-corp Karmafleet. I'm sad that no one in N3 realized the value of BRAVE and instead of gaining these newbies into their armada, they let Goons grab them as slaves.

Of course, newbies joining Karmafleet are making a fatal mistake. Rayonar is a living evidence how much Goons despise their "allies". If an FC, director and titan pilot can be treated as crap, what can a barely useful newbie expect?! But newbies being newbies, we can't be surprised that they don't know that.

This is the 24th hour. Either N3 realizes that they are wasting thousands of people and offer something similar as Karmafleet for the Braves or BRAVE will slowly wither and die, losing talent to N3/PL and line members to Goons. I'm afraid, only when they face the slave army of Karmafleet will they realize how dumb they were when they used BRAVE for target practice.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The dumbest stat

CCP told on day 3 of the Winter Summit that "Kill per logon minute is increasing". I couldn't help saying "idiots" loud to the monitor. Why are they completely wrong?

Meet Yura Movsisyan. On 6:42, Jan 23 he decided to leave Dodixie. The local Deadly Fingertips camp disagreed, killing his worthless noobship and his empty pod. But Yura isn't a quitter. Until 7:36 he lost 15 noobships and pods, contributing 0.0003B to my latest GRR war. I doubt if the killers are particularly proud of their accomplishment, or that Yura will provide tears over the loss. This is nothing but cutter on the killboard and I wonder why there is no filter on zkillboard to hide irrelevant kills and losses.

Yet this "battle" had very high "kill per logon minute" and will affect CCP decisions. Probably Yura is placed to the "target audience" group. His activities are checked for correlations to figure out how he made the improvement from boring carebear into the PvP juggernaut he is.

Kill count is a completely useless stat. PvP must be measured by its consequence: ISK loss. All developer decisions that are made with the goal to promote PvP must be checked for its effect on ISK loss, not ship kills. Why? Because PvP means "player versus player". Two players fighting each other with the intention to win. Not a bored camper popping autopiloting noobships while waiting. Not drunken idiots killing time in frigs. Not careless noobs getting lost and popped in starter crap. If CCP forgets that and tries to optimize features for ship kills, they'll get angry birds in space. After all, that game has pretty high "kill per logon minute".

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend minipost: but, but, but Mittens pinged it's over

When Tora Bushido, leader of Marmite collective lost his mind, The Mittani himself pinged to the CFC that the wars that caused them 2T damage are over.

So Sysca, the happy Goon took the opportunity to fly to Jita with her JF. I guess Mittens forgot to mention that wars end at the end of the week. So despite unwillingly, Marmite delivered on my contract.

Weekend minipost: Goons will be Goons

Mordus was doing what Mordus is doing: slaying CFC. They met a carrier.
Ratting: check.
Horrible fit: check.
Dead: check.
Goons will be Goons... until they'll be nothing.

Another example, this time using a perfect fit for the core activity of Goons.

Also in the news: what's the best ship to kill 10-30M frigs? A 930M ship that has no chance against anything not a frig.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekend minipost: GRR after Marmite

Despite the Goon propagandists heralded the end of GRR Project, not for the first time, it is fine and well. It cannot end until I run out of money or EVE runs out of people who need money to enable their PvP.

At first, the support for MoA is unaffected. As it's the fourth Saturday of January, I've donated 4*6=24B to MoA this month. Unfortunately others aren't busy donating. If everyone who hateposted about Goons had spent the time writing the post making ISK and donate that ISK to MoA, they'd be flying supers. By the way MoA just represented that - unlike Goons believe - the purpose of bombers is not structure grind and the purpose of Ishtars is not ratting.

I planned to increase the amount, but since I was ill, I couldn't earn much money this week. Also, Deadly Fingertips performs above my expectations. They are still growing and the pre-eliminary wars were performing so well that I gave them two more: Depending on performance on these wars over a longer period will decided if I hire them for more wars or spend more money in nullsec.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Yield fit

I'm still coughing badly, but finally, I could pre-write a scheduled post. Also could trade without misclicking.

There is a weird thing in EVE called "yield fit". I'm talking about the miners filling the CODE killboard. And the ratters with rat-specific resists. And the missioners with bling fittings. They sacrifice their safety for maximum income.

Why are they morons? Because their income is still crap. A solo miner witht Orca boosts can make like 20M/hour. A mining missioner? Twice as high. Or think of the L4 mission runner who puts 1B bling for 10% more DPS. But doesn't move to a SoE hub for 100% more LP value. They optimize the last % out of something irrelevant while ignore something crucial.

While doing mining for "fun" is defendable, mining for ISK is not. If you mine for fun, putting yield modules to every possible slot doesn't matter. The gameplay is the same. If you want ISK you shouldn't mine. Unless you fix the income with insane multiboxing.

When you see a "yield fit" Hulk in a belt, or a rat-resist-bling fit Empire faction missioner, you see a dumb social. He reads up the technical issues of his activity, but doesn't question the activity itself, since all his "friends" (random dudes who clicked the same local chat corp advert) are doing the same thing and they must be right. I mean he is aware that some of them are a bit worse miner than other, but they are all miners, so mining can't be wrong. It is.

They make up weird explanations like "without miners you'd have no ships". This is so common that it got on the miner bingo. Or "if everyone would go to SoE, its LP would be worthless". Both are factually true, but irrelevant, because there are so many miners that if you would quit, no one would care. Also, everyone doesn't go to SoE because "everyone" is dumb, contrary what socials believe.

Don't be like them. If you are in the field of few % optimizations, you already mastered that activity and time to move up.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ill minipost: liar Goon propagandist

I'm getting better. Probably tomorrow I'll be functional again. I will even log in today. No post was prepared and I'm not full enough to just write one now, so just a minipost: the Goon propaganda site posted about the meltdown of Tora... by posting nothing but what Tora said. They even explicitly wrote that "No word from Gevlon has been posted in response on his blog, and at the time of writing no information has been made public as to if Gevlon will actually pay the ISK demanded by Marmite in order to continue the GrrrGoons project." Too bad that my version was up hour before their piece as it was pointed out by their commenters.

Considering this and the fact that the version of Tora was pinged by The Mittani himself, Goons are really-really happy that the highsec wars is over. Except they are not. In 48 hour of active warring, Deadly Fingertips killed 0.38B Goons. Just Goons, since the whole CFC isn't decced yet. While extrapolating this to a year would be highly unprofessional, we can say that my trust in them wasn't misplaced.

What matters most: Deadly Fingertips keeps rapidly growing. My main problem with Marmite was that they refused to grow because everyone who wanted to join "sucked" or "was a jerk". This is illogical. A wardec costs the same if the attacker is 1 man corp or 10K alliance. So there is no point not hiring anyone who isn't an awoxer and pays his share in the wardec costs. If he dies due to stupid, he messes up his own killboard. A competitive PvPer should be proud of his personal killboard, not the corp or alliance killboard.

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